Sage Lymph Care Method&Muscle Release Technique


What is Sage Lymph Care…

Sage lymph care was developed by Japanese dentist, Dr. Sage Sato. It is a unique and very gentle hand-on therapy.  Therefore it is suitable for not only healthy adult but also children and elderly people. This lymph care helps to open oral cavity, thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity and regenerate and promotes to flow interstitial fluid. 
(If interstitial fluid enters into lymphatic vessels, the fluid is called lymph. Lymph drainage helps to enhance lymph in lymph vessels flow. Therefore Sage lymph care and lymph drainage are different therapy.) Because interstitial fluid escapes from blood vessel under 20g/cm2, this method is applied under the pressure. The techniques are used gentle touch, sway, deep breathing etc. without push, kneading, and strain. Tight muscles are released as well by these manipulations.


What Sage Lymph Care can help to improve by adjusting body cavities? 

-Headache, lower back pain, shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, spinal issues such as scoliosis,

-Adjusting pelvic, ribs location, adjusting posture,

-Menstrual pain, depression, digestive system issues such as constipation, diarrhea etc.,

-Chilliness, swelling legs and feet, lymphatic oedema,

-Hay fever, nasal inflammation, dizziness, after cerebral infarction, temporomandibular arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

-Natural face lift, lifting up the edge of lip, adjusting face line, lifting up cheek, extending eyes, lifting up and adjusting nose,

-Bust up, chest up, waist down, hip up, reducing weight,

- For clients who want to improve posture, temporomandibular joint issues, internal organs problems, shallow breathing, we can advise some easy excercises.


What is Sage Method MRT - Muscle Release Technique…

MRT was developed by Japanese dentist, Sage Sato while he was inventing Sato lymph care. He made up the techniques based on action of muscle pump. It is also a unique and very gentle hand-on therapy. Therefore it is suitable for not only healthy adult but also children and elderly people. MRT technique releases muscles and attempts to resume flexibility and elasticity. Then it helps to improve function of muscle pump which prompts body fluid flow. Tight muscles are relaxed by gentle touch, sway, deep breathing etc. without push, kneading, and strain.

What MRT can expect to improve?

Headache and migraine / Pain, ache, stiffness etc. of lower back, shoulder, back, neck / Distortion of spine and pelvis / Scoliosis / Unbalanced posture / Depression / Mental issues / Exhaustion / Chilliness / Swelling / Lymphoedema / After operation for cerebral infarction / Strengthening muscles / TMJ issues / Rheumatoid arthritis etc.


Initial treatment  app 60-90mins (depending on clients) $90-120  

Initial session: Consultation > Posture check (taking photos), assessments & palpation > Treatment > Posture check (taking photos) > Advice (as needed) > send before & after photos via email later

Consultation includes the above time.


"I feel my tight muscles loosen up although the techniques were unique and mystery. But the theory makes sense."  Johnny(Canada)