Macrobiotic Nutrition Consultation


Private macrobiotic nutrition counseling is available by an appointment only.

Free 15 Minute Phone Consult request by Email

Counseling sessions are offered to discuss how to start or fine-tune the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle to be in harmony with your personal health. The sessions include a macrobiotic health assessment, discussion of the macrobiotic view of the cause of your present health problems, and personalized dietary, lifestyle, and home remedy recommendations.


Family members and friends who will be supporting you may sit in on your consultation at no additional charge. One other person may have a consultation along with yours during your session for an extended time frame at an additional charge. Counseling sessions are also given by phone, Skype or email when your provide proper photos of you condition. Comprehensive follow-up services are available, including re-visit counseling sessions and the opportunity to discuss your changing needs with Haruna over the phone or email or Skype. 


Macrobiotic Nutrition Consultation  
  Initial Consultation  $180/ 1.5hrs
  Follow up Consultation  $100/ 1hr

Macrobiotic NutritionConsultation with Reiki
  Initial Consultation  $220/ 2hrs
  Follow up Consultation  $140/ 1.5hrs


*Keep a food journal for as least 1 week before your appointment