Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Massage is traditional Thai bodywork which combines yoga poses, stretching and rhythmic motion as it BLENDS elements of yoga, reflexology, physiotherapy, meditation, energy healing and Ayurveda. 

Thai Yoga Massage falls under the category of holistic health practices in Canada and in Thailand, under the larger umbrella of Thai traditional medicine. Thai yoga massage is a more energizing form of bodywork than other modalities of its kind. 

Thai Yoga Massage is based on the fundamental concept that energy lines (traditionally known as SEN lines) exist within the body. You may have heard of the body's 'Meridian' system in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is the same concept. Thai yoga massage 'SEN' lines require feeling and intuition, they are not actual physical lines. 

These energy lines travel between muscle and bone, the spaces which are filled with connective tissue, known as fascia. Poor posture, illness, injury, lack of exercise or just the average wear and tear on the body cause blockages within the Sen. These blockages can cause pain in that specific area as well as reducing circulation, flexibility, movement and an overall sense of wellness being. 

Thai Yoga massage practitioners work to unblock any congestion that may be occurring within the Sen lines. This tradition method of healing is done by compressing, stretching and applying acupressure to these areas using thumb press, palm press and even foot press coupled with a relaxing rocking motion.

Stretch ... Press ... Relax.


History / Roots

It is said that Ancient forms of Thai Yoga Massage began within the Indian system of yoga and ayurvendic methods in Nepal and North India and was developed over 2500 years ago by Shivago Komarpaj, who was known as the father of medicine as well as a personal physician of Buddha. 

This ancient form of massage was brought to Thailand over 2000 years ago from India, along with the traditions of Buddhism. Thai yoga massage has a combination of influences from Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asia and is a branch of Thai traditional medicine, considered a medical discipline used to treat many different ailments in Thailand.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

The many benefits of Thai Yoga Massage comes within the forms of physical, mental, psychological and spiritual. The primary benefits are to restore and balance the body's energy system. With this restoration comes an overall sense of well being.

Thai Yoga Massage is known to boost the immune system as well as boosting serotonin (our happy hormone) levels in the body, therefore creating BLISS!! 

While increasing serotonin, Cortisol is decreased (Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is released in response to stress). Thai Yoga Massage increases Delta wave frequencies within our brain. The delta wave is directly related to relaxation and can assist in a having a good night sleep.

Thai Yoga Massage helps with many physical functions as circulation, movement, range, flexibility. Clients tend to feel loose and quite 'open' after a Thai Yoga Massage, muscles are relax and tension is released from the body. Thai Yoga Massage is also know to improve athletic performance, building physical and emotion balance and helps to gain mental clarity.

What You Will Experience

During your treatment, you will wear loose comfortable clothing and will receive the massage on a mat on the floor. The thai yoga massage practitioner will position you into various basic yoga poses and proceed to press and compress as well as stretch the areas being worked on. The practitioner will use their thumbs, palms, knees, shins and feet, applying the appropriate pressure to each area.

After Your Thai Yoga Massage

After your Thai Yoga Massage, as with any other of it's modalities, it is suggested that you drink plenty of water. During a massage treatment, toxins are released from the body's organs, water helps to then flush the toxins from your body. You will have the feeling of being very relaxed and loose. 

You will typically have a feeling of relaxed muscles, wider range of motion and an overall sense of well being and bliss.


60mins $90 / 90mins $120