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The Access Consciousness™ Energetic Facelift & Bodylift

The Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and eyes, reverse the appearance of aging and create similar effects throughout the body. The Access Consciousness™ Energetic Facelift Technique uses multiple energetic frequencies to heal the body and skin, reverse the effects of aging, release traumas, activate cellular memory and release the layers of judgments. These energies flow through the entire body, creating a relaxing, rejuvenating space that permeates your body on a cellular level. You will see noticeable results after just one session, and continued sessions create an irreversible change that will amaze you! Reverses the aging, discoloration, scar tissue, and texture of the skin, and adds a luminous glow.

This process is totally natural and non-invasive

The Access Facelift is a very different process than anything else out there on the market. There are no chemicals, creams, needles, facial exercises, drugs, lasers or positive self-talk. The results that people are getting are profound and lasting and seem to work at creating results in other areas of people’s lives than just their face. This work is radically different and can create miracles if you’re willing to have them!

What have clients noticed?

  • A lessening of lines, wrinkles

  • Improved eye-sight

  • Firmness and toning of facial muscles and overall skin

  • Healing of and reversal of the scarring process

  • Healthier skin and overall appearance

  • Possibilities for your life showing up better than you may have ever imagined!

What is happening is that the person is letting go of the judgments and beliefs that are holding the signs of aging in place. The more they let go of the more the face (and body) can tap into the re-generative processes which allows the cells to do things like produce more collagen, hold more moisture. These things lead to the face looking fresher with less and less wrinkles.

The Access Energetic Face & Bodylift™ combined with other Spa Treatments

The Access Energetic Facelift™ is also suitable as a treatment in combination with Access Bars™ and of course in combination with our balanced, healthy diet and nutrition. We recommend the Access Energetic Facelift™ particularly with our Anti Aeging plants (from own cultivation).

You can already see the difference after one session - just imagine what 20 Access Energetic Facelift® sessions can effect.

Special Offer: Access Consciousness Bars™ –  free introductory session –  approx 15 min

Single Session – Duration approx  50-60 min. –     $80

Package with 3 sessions                                         $180

Package with 5 sessions                                         $300


The Bars® + Facelifting:                             

Single Session – Duration approx  90 min.:          $110

Package with 3 sessions                                         $270

Package with 5 sessions                                         $400