Medicinal Aromatherapy Body Treatment

Follow your bliss!  Using 100% organic, wild, bio-grown, medicinal grade essential oils(Wisdom of the Earth).  Relaxing through olfactory while every pore drinks in the kingdom of the divine essence of nature, creating a symphony of inner wisdom merging spiritual, mental, emotional and physical to an optimal healing level.  This will awaken your true nature to feel states of grace that leave you feeling more rejuvenated and aware.  This session designed to address the CNS, Immune, Endocrine, Digestive, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Lymphatic Systems.  Your therapist will incorporate soothing massage stokes, healing touch and intuitive guidance on your journey into this new dimension. Harnessing the healing energy of nature!


Wisdom of the Earth - Single Essential Oils

As the Blood is to your Body, so is the Essence to the Plant and Tree kingdom. It is the very life force of the Plants and trees that is captured during a process called distillation. Essential oils or Essences are highly concentrated, containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, nutrients and chemicals for the protection and well-being of the Plant and Tree.

Wisdom of the Earth single essential oils “QUALITY” being cultivated from either certified organic (under controlled plant population and cultivation where pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers and growth boosters are not used. Under a 2nd Independent control agent. Remember, organic is a relative term. As an example, the toxicity of the air that the Plant or Tree is breathing is not considered within the Organic Act requirements. We are concerned about the abuse of the soil that has been sprayed and saturated by all kinds of chemicals. Not all essence-producing countries have polluted their soil like the U.S. and other industrialized countries. Plants and Trees that grow WILD ARE WILD and organic is a moot point. So-called population growth organic (tree groves) is more an attempt for faddish credibility than reality. This is not to discredit the desire to assure that the soil where the Plants and Trees do grow would meet the Organic Certification requirements in California or Europe, where pollution has been rampant.) , wild crafted (grown and collected in the wild without plant population or cultivation. It is as pure as you can get. i.e. most of your tree essences.), or Bio-Dynamic Farming (usually farming practices are above and beyond organic and kosher. Considered by many the closest humans have come to harmonizing planting and harvesting with Mother Earth, yet not truly WILD or WILD CRAFTED. Biodynamic farming is done according to astrology “sun, moon, stars etc.” which is the most ancient practice and true science.), Pure and Natural (When the process of the preparation and distillation is complete, the essence is free from additives, subtractives or blends. No pesticides, insecticides are used.). In addition, many essences are Kosher Certified by Chief Rabbinate of Israel. EVERY essence is hand-poured with loving intent, further enhancing its high vibrational energy.

30mins $60/  60mins $80 / 90mins $110