Tomoko Uehata


Tomoko is a long-time student of bodywork and healing arts. As the co-founder of Kiku Wellness, she teaches workshops, offers consultations and holistic bodyworks. Incorporating her true nature of self love and care of body, mind and spirit. Tomoko is a talented experienced massage therapist who combine therapeutic massage techniques and relaxation massage to deliver effective and relaxing treatments.  By doing this, patients recover from acute, chronic and postural issues while at the same time relaxing the body to reduce stress hormones that promote inflammation.  Based on customer’s individual needs, she will develop a customized treatment plan so that the customer can achieve and maintain health goals. Tomoko particularly enjoy treating postural imbalances, headaches/migraines, myofascial trigger points, chronic pain, acute injuries, neurological conditions, women’s health, and stress-related concerns. In addition to the treatment plan, Tomoko will provide home care exercises to enhance the effectiveness of the massage treatment results, and encourage the customer to take an active role in their wellness.






Macrobiotic Consultant / Reiki therapist

Haruna grew up in Japan, and worked as a nurse for many years before eventually finding my way to, and settling here in Vancouver. It was while living here that I became acquainted with Reiki Healing. Through that healing process, She has had a chance to gain insight into body and mind.

It was her interest in Reiki Healing that opened the door to her studies of the Macrobiotic Diet, which is not only about nutrients. It also takes into account the energies involved in the foods you take in.

It was the synergy of these two philosophies that expand her views and insights. Haruka now have a more meaningful and simple life style.

Her area of focus is on individual and family health, especially families with children.